Case Study: I recently launched The owner of this business had been working for a large Denver door company for several years. He knew that he had the experience required to fix doors and he had a deep desire to build his own automatic door repair company. He also knew that he needed help with marketing and accounting. As a result, he reached out to Parker Startup for assistance.

I setup the appropriate business structure, built its web site, and currently manage a targeted advertising campaign to drive new customers. In addition, I launched an offline marketing campaign by designing, printing, and mailing post cards to potential customers. Since the owner was busy completing jobs I also agreed to field incoming calls from prospects. Finally, I helped Automatic Door Doctors by generating financial statements, paying bills, tracking job costs, invoicing customers, reconciling accounts, and filing its income, sales, and payroll tax returns.

In an effort to control costs I engaged the owner of the Automatic Door Doctors to assist me in the various tasks. This has helped the owner to become a more astute business person. In addition, I have helped the Automatic Door Doctors complete some of its first jobs, which has helped me to better understand its business. I will not forget operating the trencher, which was necessary to install a new magnetic loop.

Company Philosophy: Parker Startup is a values-based business. This means that I strive to carry out the day-to-day activities while following the core values of love, integrity, leadership, and innovation. My promise is to operate with integrity, treat our customers and employees with love, create an environment that fosters innovative thinking, and identify, attract, and retain leaders that can help us grow together.