Landlords: Ready, Set, List!

As a landlord, you have to list your vacant properties. Even if you own forty houses, you want to let people know that three of them are about to be available. Listing your property takes a little time, and it can cost a little money, but it's worth it to get your property occupied as soon as possible. Listing your property is even more important if you only have a handful of rental properties.

Where Should I List?

Deciding where to list your property is actually fairly easy. Most landlords choose to list their properties in the local newspapers. You can take out some classified ads. You can also list your property online with online classified ad sites or with property listing sites. Property listing sites will list property that is for sale or for rent in your area. An example of a site like this includes This website lists rental properties around the United States. Prospective tenants can use this site to find rental property in their area, and they can put in their preferences like number of bedrooms, a price range, etc. Sites like this one are a good place to list your property because they are very convenient, and they let tenants do a lot of their research from home.

What Information Should I Include?

When you list your property, you want to include all the relevant information. If you have a limited amount of space, you want to include the basics, a major perk, and your contact info. The basics are the location, the number of bedrooms (and bathrooms if you have space), and the rent. An example of a major perk could be “only 0.5 miles from ABC University.” Your contact info could include a website, a phone number, and/or an email address.

If you have more room, expand on these things. Do you have a pet policy? What is it? What are some other perks to your rental? Is there a pool? Does the property have all new appliances? People really want to know if there is a washer and dryer in the unit. How big is the unit in square feet? Is there a fenced in yard? Does the apartment complex have a green space?

Basically, you want to include anything you would want to know about a prospective place to live. The more accurate and detailed you can be the better. A good listing will result in more calls from prospective clients, and this leads to more tenants, and more tenants mean more income for you! As such, you should take the time to list your property properly.