We offer the following services:

Accounting Services:

  • Individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Year-end and quarterly payroll returns
  • Quarterly sales tax returns
  • Business formation

Marketing Services:

  • Web site design and launch (style sheets & include files)
  • Online advertising (Google, Yahoo, and MSN)
  • Offline advertising
  • Capture website analytics
  • Search engine optimizatioin (Content & Link Building Strategy)

Customer Service & Sales

  • Build new relationships
  • Sign-up new customers

Strategic Planning

  • Analyze and construct a Business Plan
  • Formulate a budget
  • Forecasting

Human Resources

  • Find, interview, and hire the right people
  • Complete required reporting

We reserve the right to add and discontinue services without notice.